5 Tips On How To Make Your Day in the Mountains Even Better

Skiing and snowboarding is an amazing way to spend your day. Crisp mountain air, sunshine and maybe some deep powder can make any day great, but how can you make it even better? These 5 tips below are an easy way to make any day in the mountains even better.

Waking up early - This one might seem a little weird, but giving yourself an extra few minutes in the morning allows you to not rush, maybe it even allows you to stop for breakfast without being stressed. Lastly, not forgetting anything for your ski trip because of your late start allows you to get out to the hill early, which saves you $$ (because you won’t have to buy those new gloves, or goggles that you forgot). If waking up early doesn’t work for you, you can always look at booking a hotel room in Banff or Canmore the night before so you don’t have to drive as far. Additionally, your Après Collective Membership Card saves you money at Banff Lodging Co hotels and the Samesun Hostel.

Ski with Friends - Now being on your own in the mountains is great, but being able to share some laughs and awesome runs with friends is even better. Friends also help push you to try that run you might’ve chickened out on or hit that side hit you have been eying all day. Now we know sometimes friends can’t always make it out to the mountains but a great way to find more ski friends to join you at the hill is to join Après Collective and see who is going out to the mountains for the day.

Music - Now this isn’t saying you need super loud music so you can’t hear the person who is about to run into you, but a good song can usually help pump you up and get you stoked for the next run. Just have it at a level that you’re still able to hear, or a quick button to cut it out. If you’re looking for new music to listen to there are some great playlists on Spotify & Apple music.

Push yourself - try a new trick, try some tighter more technical turns, getting something done makes you feel better. Going down the same groomer or hitting the same jump and doing nothing different gets boring pretty fast. So how to fix that, try doing a new trick in the park, or try linking tighter turns in an open area so you can then take that technique into a

tight chute. Whatever it is, completing a new

skill makes the day on the hill even better.

Après Skiing - Now there are very few things that hit as good as a cold crisp beer after skiing. We don’t know what it is, magic maybe, but man do they taste good after a great day of skiing and especially when you share a drink with friends. Having this time to laugh over how you snowed your one buddy, or how they lost their ski pole off the chairlift, or how you accidentally got lost on the hill and took two hours to find your friends again makes for a great time. Additionally, there are some great spots to hit up in Banff for some awesome Après Skiing that your Après Collective membership card gets you deals at like Rose & Crown, Elk & Oarsman, Banff Brewing Co, and the Beaver.

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