Sticks Supply Co

Made With Purpose

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Sticks Supply Co. is a part of the North American Association of Ski & Snowboard Clubs (NAASSC) organization.

All of our products are built with a purpose

We care about our environment, the shred community, and giving back.

With every purchase we:

- Clean up 25 Ft² of mountain or forest area.

- Invest in our shred communities by providing the community the necessary resources to thrive.

- Give back to the ski community by offering trips, lessons & training at reduced prices

We believe in preserving the simplicity of skiing and snowboarding. Our products are no fuss, they will always work, and this is because at its simplest form, skis & snowboards are just sticks.

100% of proceeds go back into NAASSC to help achieve our vision of

"improving the lives of all skiers & snowboarders" & to build our community pillars.



We love to hear from fellow shredders (skiers/boarders)

Have an idea you think we should do?

Let's hear it, shoot us a message!

Thanks for reaching out!!